Cases are a brief representation of the products and projects I have been working on to solve various challenges. For projects where details can be shared, you can find posts about them on my blog. They are presented in a chronological order, allowing you to grasp the extent of my experience over the years. Most assignments take around 6+ months on average, except for investigations and cybersecurity testing projects.

My assignments are rarely limited only to consulting work. I always take part in several other roles due to my deep engagement in product and business processes

For each assignment I set a list of hash tags to give you an idea what also the project / product was about. You can find tags like: 












































Challenges taken consist of the quintessence of skills and abilities learned throughout my life


GRC Technology Consultant / Solution Architect

Tags: #grc #data_privacy #consent_management #onetrust #health_care #gdpr #ccpa

Project: Consent management enterprise level solution to be compliant with GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy regulations all over the world based on OneTrust. The product gathers  consent from 200+ sources and stores it in one place to be consumed for marketing purposes and adjusted by data subjects. The project started in 2021 with comprehensive discovery. 

Technologies/Platforms: OneTrust, SalesForce Marketing Cloud, MuleSoft, etc.

Business and Technology Consultant

Tags: #game #blockchain #tokenomics #NFT

Project/Challenge: AAA Battle Royal game which accompanied with blockchain, tokenomics and NFTs to extend game attributes and artefacts to web3 world and acquire play-to-earn paradigm and smoothly integrate it into traditional gaming experience. Tokenomics model was created, tested and adjusted using Machinations solution. 

Technologies/Platforms: Avalanche Sub-Net, React, AWS, Machinations.


Consultant / Product Manager

Tags: #DeFi #blockchain #tokenomics

Project: Create DeFi lending protocol from scratch accompanied with yield farming, stablecoin and governance token. 

Technologies/Platforms: Ethereum, React, AWS

Consultant / Product manager

Tags: #game #metaverse #blockchain #tokenomics #NFT

Project: Create a Metaverse which propose blockchain infrastructure to connect any game or service and extend their capabilities with web3. 

Technologies/Platforms: Cosmos Blockchain. 

Product manager / Portfolio Manager

Tags: #DeFi #decentralised_social_network #blockchain #tokenomics

Project: The assignment started in 2019 from simple multi protocols wallet creation ended up in DeFi platform with yield farming, cryptocurrency wallet, staking and comprehensive bot detection analysis tool. Extended with NFT Marketplaces HUB white label and Decentralised Social Network. 

Technologies: Blockchain (Cosmos/Tendermint), Electron, React, AWS, Chrome Exension. 

Adviser / Consultant

Tags: #game #blockchain #tokenomics #NFT

Project: A Battle Royal game from scratch which acquire NFTs from different protocols to play against each other.  

Technologies: Arbitrum Blockchain, React, Go

Technology and Business Consultant

Tags: #IoT #blockchain #tokenomics #NFT #DID #verifiable_credenctials

Project: Platform for secure communication and transferring information for IoT devices based on DID and Verifiable credentials. The platform allows to join together data providers and data consumers to operate within their daily work. The platform helps to communicate only with valid Verifiable Credentials with Decentralised IDs. The platform used also for monetisation the relationships and managing data control and compliance.  

Technologies: Blockchain (Cosmos), Go, AWS

Consultant / Product Manager

Tags: #game #blockchain #tokenomics #NFT

Project: GameFi platform following play-to-earn paradigm with social relations elements backed by NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The game represents the most complex social relationships like fighting against each other and lands acquisition as well as alliances creation, defending and rewards distribution.   

Technologies: Blockchain (Cosmos, BSC), React, Go, AWS

Consultant / Project Manager

Tags: #cryptocurrency #blockchain #fraud #cyber_security

Project: Fraud investigation for cryptocurrency wallet product accompanied with penetration testing by ByteCode.  

Technologies: Blockchain (Cosmos), Go, AWS. 


GRC and Technology Consultant

Tags: #GRC #game #data_privacy #onetrust #risk_management #assessment_automation

Project: Create and adopt the platform which automate 3rd party vendors assessment and control as well as PIMS and ISMS implementation for well known games and game services company. 

Technologies/Platforms: OneTrust

Consultant / Solution Analyst

Tags: #DeFi #blockchain 

Project: Yield farming strategies aggregator allowing to create a yield farming strategy from different protocols, split transactions cost and allocate tremendous amount of resources for an appropriate strategy based on investors recognition.  

Technologies: Blockchain (Ethereum, BSC), React

Consultant / Product Manager

Tags: #DeFi #blockchain 

Project: DeFi platform supporting startup founders to organise found raising events from scratch: from token creation to fair distribution among investors with full documentations support, tokens lock schedule, multi-sign wallets and without ambiguous spreadsheets.  

Technologies: Blockchain (Ethereum), React, Java

ESG Consultant / Product Manager

Tags: #ESG #sustainability 

Project: Sustainability costs control and optimisation platform. The main functionality is to aggregate an information about plastic waste and carbon footprint legislations and business sustainability.  

Technologies: AWS, Java, JavaScript

Consultant / Product Manager

Tags: #financial_services #capital_market 

Project: Capital and Money Market platform optimisation and reorganisation with extension for backing up main servers.  

Technologies: C++, Oracle, Solaris, DB2, etc

Consultant / Project Manager

Tags: #financial_services #capital_market 

Project: Hardware upgrade and maintenance project to enable migration on virtual environment for the most critical part of the platform and eliminate the maintenance cost.  

Technologies: Oracle, Solaris, DB2, Virtualisation, etc. 

SAFe Consultant

Tags: #SAFe #financial_services #capital_markets

Project: Agile approach implementation for 120+ people team based on SAFe framework. Full implementation of all the processes and dedicated trainings for each role.  

Technologies: SAFe framework


Product manager / Technology Consultant

Tags: #GRC #information_security #cyber_security #risk_management #COBIT2019 #ISO

Project: Cyber and Information Security platform aiming to unite the aspects as different tools to cover all the business needs such as: information security assessments, risk management, SoC, scans, etc

Technologies/Platforms: Terraform, Java, React, AWS.

Product manager / Product Owner

Tags: #media #ticketing #SAFe

Project: High availability ticketing platform which can freely support high load during main and major events like NFL or NHL.  

Technologies: Casandra, DB2, Java, Kafka, Envoy


Product manager / Delivery Manager

Tags: #ESG #sustainability #carbonfootprint

Project: A platform for Supply Chain Management sustainability control. The platform is used to manage all the supply chain activities related to sustainability and carbon footprint from mining raw materials to delivering to end consumer

Technologies/Platforms: lockchain (Ethereum SmartContract), IPFS, EVM, GoLang, Python, JavaScript, Angular, Web3.js, AWS.

Head of software development / Co-founder

Tags: #cyber_security #blockchain #SecSDLC

Project: Development secure software development service from scratch. The main idea is to help our clients to build web3 applications based on Secure Software Development Lifecycle. The service is a group of services focused on training, design, development, testing, security testing, deployment. The main market differentiator is to propose custom combination of well designed and fully secured application fit to unique company.  

Technologies: Blockchain, Java, Python, Go, Web/Mobile

Product manager

Tags: #DeFi #blockchain

Project: A hyper accelerator for blockchain startups  based on a social approve and recognition. The main idea is to allocate followers to apply researches, comments and observation within the products they are ready to invest into. Based on the interaction provide ranking for the product and further tokens offering from the company within one platform.  

Technologies: Blockchain (Ethereum SmartContract). 


Investigation Manager / Delivery Manager

Tags: #cyber_security #PCI_DSS #fraud_detection #SecSDLC

Project: Source code and development processes review and rebuild for one of the biggest airline company to be compliant with OWASP Top 10 and PCI DSS standards. Consulting project to review a source code and processes if they fit to certification standards

Technologies/Platforms: C#, Objective-C, Java, Python, AWS.

Product manager / Head of Business Analysis

Tags: #cyber_security #PCI_DSS #fraud_detection

Project: An analytical platform for cryptocurrency market frauds, market, investment and cyber security reliability. The platform conducts continuous research of a broad complex of data which is becoming a subject to in-depth analysis and processing using advanced approaches of economic-mathematical modelling, machine learning, as well as natural language processing and cybersecurity automated assessment

Technologies/Platforms: Java, JavaScript, React, GSuite, CloudFalare, Flink, Kafka.

Technical Product Manager

Tags: #financial_services #banking #capital_markets

Project: Customer is a leading provider of consumer, financial and property data, analytics and services in US. The project works on rethinking and re-making of existed system to new market requirements. The system provides access to the data and allows business and government makes analytical and financial forecasts. Brand new platform creation which obtain legacy business rules and provide new technologies high performance.  

Technologies/Platforms: Flash, Java, JavaScript, Oracle.


Lead Business and System Analyst 

Tags: #retail #e-commerce #reverse-engineering

Project: Reverse engineering project of ERP+CRM system based on IBM AS/400 platform. The challenge of the product is to create the new one based on modern technology but to save existing UX and processes.  Requirements source is only legacy code from the existed system wrote on RPG, COBOL and CL languages which requiere to find experts who can read the code and translate it to requirements.

Technologies/Platforms: RPG, Synon, DB2, IBM AS/400, Java, MySQL/MariaDB, JavaScript.


Senior Business and System Analyst 

Tags: #finance #financial_services #retail #SaaS #ITIL 

Project: Project for customising and scaling client’s support system based on ServiceNow Platform (PaaS) and ITIL Standards. Challenge in smooth adoption of ITIL  process among all support teams allocated all over the globe.

Technologies/Platforms: ServiceNow, Cloud, JavaScript.

Product Manager / Integration Consultant

Tags: #finance #banking #ITIL

Project: Integration solution from scratch within several core banking systems, support, education and maintenance after. The main aim is to provide changes to existed system without an impact on business work and productivity.  

Technologies/Platforms: Oracle, JavaScript.

Product Manager / Integration Consultant

Tags: #finance #banking #AML

Project: Create an Anti-money laundering (AML) platform according to transition to new international regulations.  

Technologies/Platforms: Oracle, JavaScript.


Product Manager

Tags: #finance #banking #compliance #agreement 

Project: Developing a platform which controls agreements between bank and corporate clients. The main aim is to control agreements met and open the next opportunities.

Technologies/Platforms: Oracle.


Senior Business System Analyst

Tags: #financial_services #banking #accounting #core_system 

Project: Banking core systems migration project from AS/400 platform to modern international analogue with integration into local legislations, regulations and rules. In a parallel integration with other existing banking systems and platforms with full rebuild of Reporting and Accounting Systems.

Technologies/Platforms: DB2, IBM AS/400, Oracle, JavaScript.


Chief Branch Accountant

Tags: #financial_services #banking #accounting  

Assignment: Full range of accounting services within the Commercial Bank Branch.

Corporate Business Analyst

Tags: #financial_services #banking #analysis #business_supervision #business_consulting 

Assignment: Full range of business analysis and support for mid and large businesses. Business model, business plans, business development, cash-flow, etc.

Deputy Chief Accountant / Financial Consultant

Tags: #financial_services #enterprise_accounting #analysis #financial_consulting 

Assignment: Accounting, taxes supervision, control and optimisation, financial consulting and other services related to financial operations of International group worked in road construction area.