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... in your product, business, management, technology, and security to remove your headache

From scratch or at any stage of the product from ideation to delivery

Business is always wider then products and requires another focus and decisions.  

It is always tough and require tradeoff but inevitable for a business continuity. 

Emergency Services

When you need an assistance so rapidly that there is no time for researches and weighing.

When the standard list is not applicable or you want "cherry picking" more

full list of services you can find in Services section. 


My focus is in traditional domains as well as in including Web3 capabilities in the business which gains walue in each particular situation. 


Banks, FinTech, Financial Platforms, and other more


Game services, Game economy and Web3 Game capabilities.  


Complex integrations and data protection in the sphere

full list of focus areas and capabilities you can get in Assignments section. 

Let's gain value

on your current product or new idea and  achieve results your business deserve.